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We provide a range of transfer solutions to suit every need. Whether it’s a private boat for a luxury experience, a speedboat for quick transfers, or a ferry for those who prefer a leisurely journey, we’ve got it covered. Our team coordinates all aspects of the transfers, ensuring your guests can relax and enjoy the stunning Aegean views.

Transfer Services

We offer transfer services from Skiathos airport and port connecting with Skopelos and Alonissos.

Contract Management

We help our clients set up contracts with properties in the Sporades Islands. In association with our partners we ca

Health and Safety

We know how important health and safety procedures are to your business, we are fully equiped with the knowledge to work out the reportst for you.

Representative Services

If you can not provide a rep on the Island, then we will gladly help you. Either fully branded representative or under our associates brand.

Event Travel

Are you planning a party week in the Sporades? Then we can help. We organise special events from 200 - 1000 peoples, including sunset beach parties and private cruises.


We offer a wide variety of excursions on each of the Sporades Islands. Enjoy a day at sea visiting all the Islands or go on an padle board adventure in the caves of Skiathos.

The Transfer Hub


All flight transfers go through Skiathos Airport. A transfer bus to the port of Skiathos, connecting to Skopelos and Alonissos by ferry, will be organized,

Glossa and Skopelos Town


Transfers to Skiathos from Skopelos are normally done with the scheduled ferries but can also be planned with a sea taxi. 

Alonissos Town


Transfers to Skiathos from Alonissos are normally done with the scheduled ferries but can also be planned with a sea taxi. 

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